Last week on saturday November 9,2013. My friends and me went to Depot Bali. Its located near Kuburan peneleh at Jl. Peneleh 30 Surabaya. Along Jl. Peneleh, you'll see some Bali's busses which were parked there. anyway, we arrived there about at 12pm and there was soooo crowded. the pork satays have already sold. grr.. 

The place is small and hot. I cant say it's clean, because it's not clean but also it's not dirty. haha.. *confuse*

super crowded and hot. we've been waiting about >30mins

nasi campur babi

pork stock

 They only sell one food. yup.. only Nasi campur babi. the price is cheap if u compare with the taste. it's only 23.000 rupiah

and for the taste.. BEST OF THE BEST. Absolutely delicious. Nasi campur babi was served warm with veges, suckling porks, chillies (wogh... spicy...) and onions and also pork stock. Mantap!! you've to try.. RECOMMENDED

Depot Bali 
Rate : ✓✓✓✓
Jl. Peneleh 30 Surabaya

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